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You can increase your sense of wellbeing by raising awareness of the different realms of your being (mind, body, and sense of spirit) and then engaging in practices that help shape a way of being in the world that is aligned with your Self.  You can learn how to shape your way of being through individual sessions, classes, and home practices.  Your experience of tomorrow's journey starts in this moment and how you live it.

SomaYoga is a blend of a long tradition of yogic practices and modern clinical somatics education.  Many yogic practices have been tested over hundreds of years and handed down by experienced teachers.  Some yogic practices have been confirmed as effective in research studies and yogic practices are starting to become recognized in therapeutic settings. Clinical somatics education uses sophisticated techniques based on modern understanding of human functioning including neuro-science and kinesiology. It results in long-lasting and direct changes in your movement coordination, and efficiency.


Why it is SomaYoga Effective?

The slow, comfortable movements of used in Clinical Somatic education brings attention to unconsciously contracted muscles patterns, bringing them back into conscious awareness.  By focusing on the sensation of the contraction as well as the sensations of the slow release of the contraction, the brain re-learns how to relax the muscle. While many pain relief and relaxation methods require someone else to do the work, this modality actively engages the individual in their own transformation process.  Overtime, the individual becomes more skilled in intentional mind-body movement, allowing them to break formerly unconscious and mis-aligned movement patterns.  Without awareness and sensation of what is not working correctly, the pattern will return.  

Once awareness and movement skills have been learned then, one can progress responsibly with the more traditional movements in yoga to learn how to align themselves correctly in progressive movement patterns.  Yoga students with unconscious mis-alignments in their body (which is most of the population) who attempt yoga without learning through somatic awareness practices will continue to manifest the same patterns in their yoga.  Progressing responsibly through developing awareness, skills in releasing and contracting muscles, building strength and stability, and working with the mind and breath will allow students to mindfully develop yoga practices that effectively establish greater alignment in their movements with a decreased risk of injury on and off the mat.

Ongoing sessions and home practices assist students in achieving their goals in continued pain management, postural alignment, and improved health and well-being. 

Contact Information:

SomaYoga Well-Being 
Kim Kies, PhD, MA, MPH, CPT, CCSE, CWC, CWWS, RYT500 IAYT Yoga Therapist 

Serving Madison, Wisconsin

Phone: 608-207-6862

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